Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I want #001


*asos panel leggings- I had a pair of these last year and I wore them to death so currently in the market for a new pair
*Topshop star print jumper- I'm not really into prints but this is quite sweet and understated
*New Look raspberry slippers-the perfect autumn shoe?
*asos mittens- I buy gloves and mittens every winter and always manage to lose one or both shortly after. Maybe I should tie them to some string through my coat sleeves like when you were six?! 
*asos spike gem earrings-because who doesn't love a bit of rose gold eh?
*Warehouse bee print scarf-I just think this is totes adorbs
*asos swing dress-I like clothes that swish when you spin :)
*H&M Christmas cushion-don't judge me! Christmas is coming and I am gleeful!

Anything you're coveting at the moment?


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