Wednesday, 5 December 2012

(Very late) November Favourites

*Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion-hate this on my face it does not work at all but I've been enjoying carrying this sample size around in my bag and using it as a hand cream. It's non greasy, not overly scented and nicely hydrating on dry winter hands.
*Models Own Mirrorball-love this collection! Expect a nail of the day post featuring this beauty soon.
*Nails Inc Caviar top coat-from this month's Glossy Box. Quite nicely surprised with this product. I'm not a big fan of top coats usually but this definitely increased the longevity of my mani.
*Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink-a lovely bright pink which due to the sheer nature of the product isn't overwhelming and actually quite wearable.
*Hemp Face Protector-I mentioned this in my Winter Skin Saviours post a few days ago. It's in my favourites this-and possibly every winter month-because it is literally changing my skin from rubbish and dull and dry to almost normal!
*MAC Coffee eye kohl-not a product I use all that often but throughout November I've been altering my smokey eye look from silver/black to shades of brown and nudes. This adds the perfect amount of darkness to lash and water lines without looking too done, if you see what I mean?

What have you been loving this month?


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

ASOS Beauty Sale Picks

Asos have a brilliant Christmas sort-of-sale on a huge range of the beauty ranges that they stock. Everything from GHDs to Barry M. I've got my eye on these few things in particular so if a certain Mr is reading then *cough* Yes please :)

*Essie Bikini So Teeny £6.50

*Benefit BadGal Lash and Liner set £14.00

*Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess £20.00

*This Works Glamour Glimmer Gold Balm £10.00

*OPI Skyfall Collection-Moonraker £8.50

*POP Beaming Baked Eye Palette £11.00

*Ted Baker French Bulldog Print Cosmetic Bag £22.00

Anything you've spied in the Asos offer for your Christmas list?
(Three weeks to go yay!)



Monday, 3 December 2012

L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume review

I really don't like these 'lasts three days' claims. Even if you're lucky enough to not have to wash your hair for three days, the moment I sleep on my hair it all goes to hell anyway so what's the point? Having said that I do quite like this product. I've used it a few times now and my impressions so far are good. It's volumising without being crispy or crunchy. It (with the help of my beloved Moroccan Oil) makes my hair very soft and smooth. The smell is a bit ick but thankfully doesn't last. And it doesn't cost a fortune.
I spray this into my hair from roots to ends, brush through and blow dry and style as normal.  I like the volume it gives but of course, it doesn't last. It might be that because my hair is very long and quite thick the weight of it kills any volume created over time. First world problems.
Another good benefit is that it contains heat protector which I more often than not neglect to use.
(No hair pics I'm afraid, I badly need my hair colouring and won't subject you the appalling state of my roots. I have an appointment on Wednesday so maybe I'll share a picture of my at home blow dry later in the week.If you're that lucky haha.)

Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume is available from Boots priced at £5.99. There are more available in the range, for straight and curly styles too. I am looking forward to using these and seeing if they're any better than the volume product.
Have you tried any of the new Elnett range?


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Skin Saviours

Oh it's cold! I adore this time of year so I'm not complaining but my skin is starting to. I though I'd share with you the products I use and how I change my skincare routine to fight the elements.

I have very dry skin which naturally gets much worse in the winter. If I leave it to it's own devices it gets very tight and develops dry patches around my nose and forehead. My makeup looks dreadful because it clings to the dry bits and my skin always looks so dull. These are the products I employ to fix my face.

*La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution- when my skin is feeling stressed and I am feeling lazy I swap out foaming cleanser and water for this little beauty. An accessible alternative to Bioderma, this micellar water works exactly the same, takes away all the makeup, oil and dirt from your face and leaves it so clean and fresh feeling. Pros: easy, convenient, can be used as a toner. Cons: I  don't like the smell  it's very chemically, you will use lots of cotton pads.

*The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion is possibly the roughest exfoliater I have ever used. I can actually only use it once a week and not go too rough otherwise it can be painful! Does an excellent job at removing dead, flaky (nice!) skin. Pros: perfect for sloughing off dead skin, brightening, smells fresh. Cons: can leave skin a bit red and sore, not for sensitive skin I expect.

*The Body Shop Nutriganics Softening Gel Cleanser-full review here but this is a great product for dry skin sufferers. Pros: removes every scrap of makeup including eye makeup, hydrating. Cons: I'm not keen on the packaging but that's just me being picky.

*The Body Shop (seeing a theme here) Honey Oat mask is a treat for dry/dehydrated skin. Apply a layer to clean dry skin and leave it for as long as you like really. Then wash off to reveal soft hydrated skin. Moisturise as normal and fin! Pros: has lumpy oat bits which exfoliate, smells divine. Cons: it's a lovely mask and I enjoy using it but it doesn't feel like I'm getting any long term benefits from it.

*I used The Body Shop Hemp Face Protector last winter, it saved my skin then and it's saving it now. I use it morning and night post cleansing and I find it stops that awful tight feeling I get sometimes. It is fairly greasy for the first half an hour or so after application but soon settles in and it's a more than adequate base for foundation. Pros:wonderfully hydrating and light. Cons:smells a bit odd but you soon get used to it.

*Carmex-this has been a staple in my makeup bag and routine for about eight years. Other lips balms will come and go but they never measure up to this gem holy grail product. I am absolutely addicted to the tingle and hydration it gives. I genuinely think this is the only product I will always buy. Pros: sooo moisturising, excellent base for lip products, smells divine, cheap. Cons:...erm...I think the manufacturers have stolen a gram or so from the product. It seems to have a cavernous hole in the base of the pot. Irrelevant though as I would buy it at ten times the price though.

And accessories: Muslin cloths for cleansing and large cotton pads.

All of these products are available from Boots and The Body Shop and I highly recommend them all.

How do you change your winter skin care routine? Do you have any products recommendations for me?


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Glitter Top Coats

I've mentioned my total adoration for glitter top coats in the past so I thought I'd share my favourites with you today.

Left to right we have
*ELF Golden Goddess a sheer gold polish with large gold and small silver pieces of glitter.
*Technic Carnival clear polish with multicoloured glitter
*Models Own Boogie Nights clear polish with shades of purple and blue different shaped glitter
*Topshop Panther clear polish with black and silver glitter
*Models Own Snowflakes clear polish with torn iridescent glitter
*Models Own Ibiza Mix clear polish with multicoloured glitter
Pop Confetti Glitz clear polish with large purple and silver glitter.

To the swatches!

I have layered these polishes (one coat each)over Essie Sand Tropez. All of these polishes are very inexpensive too, the priciest being about £6. I love being able to change my manicure and get a bit more out of it than two days of a blah colour. Expect more of this on the run up to Christmas which I am super excited about by the way :)


Do you have any glitter recommendations for me? What's your favourite sparkly top coat?