Sunday, 24 February 2013

Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

Following the success of Clinique Redness Solutions foundation I thought I'd try more products in the range to tackle my loathed rosy complexion. On investigation I found their cleanser is one of those gel to oil types which I love. 

A huge tube of 150ml for £17.00 seems reasonable enough for a high end cleanser and I read the blurb with high expectations

'Extra-gentle, non-drying cream-gel melts away makeup and impurities. Helps calm the appearance of visible redness, irritation while preserving skin's moisture balance. Smoothes with mild exfoliation. Leaves skin clean, comforted.'

Honestly, it's not so good. It's hard to control how much cleanser comes out and the formula was not as thick as I'd hoped meaning you have to get it on your face fast before it starts to run about on your hand. I massage it into my face expecting it to change into an oil, and nothing happened! I used a muslin cloth to take it off and go again (always wash my face twice-once for the makeup once for the skin) but my skin didn't feel properly clean yet. I have third go and find I still need a generous going-over of Bioderma after before I'm happy. 

I used this product for a few weeks in different ways hoping one day it would click but sadly no. 

I think I've been told fibs by the Clinique SA, this is not the product I was expecting at all and it is quite frankly rubbish at removing makeup. It has also made no change to the pinkness of my skin. Not that I was expecting it to.

All in all I would say swerve this and buy The Body Shop Nutriganics Cleansing Gel for half the price.

Any skin care that you regret buying?


Monday, 18 February 2013

Essie Russian Roulette

Nothing beats a proper red nail does it? This is my latest Essie love -Russian Roulette. It's a proper red with the slightest orange undertones. I find Essie polishes a bit hit and miss but this is definitely a winner. The wear is reasonable, no peeling off after a day and the application was very nice. I love the rounded shape of the brush which helps the quite thin formula go on nicely.
As per, available from Boots £7.99.

Happy Monday all!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed

My sweet lovely bloke thoughtfully bought me the Latest in Beauty Valentines box and, ignoring the 'Happy Valentines day here's some makeup because you're ugly' connotations, I've had a play with the different products over the last few days. Unfortunately a few of the products I already had from the Advent Calendar (not his fault he's only a man) but the Pixi Cheek Gel is totally new to me and I was thrilled to see it's a full size product too.

Looks quite scary in the tube but it is incredibly concentrated and only a tiny amount is needed for the desired flushed effect. I apply this with fingertips after foundation and quickly blend so there are no harsh edges. 

It's also very pretty on lips too and gives that effortless hint of colour. It doesn't last all day on the lips I've found it needs to be retouched in the middle of the day but so would any lipstick or lip gloss. I've used lip stains in the past-Benetint and the Bourjois one that comes in a little pot-and I find that this one applies more evenly and wears more comfortably than both of those. It doesn't go patchy or stick more in the middle of my lips like others have. I've worn this every day since I've had it and I'm still not over it!

All in all, a great product which I like to wear on my cheeks but love on my lips. Pixi products are available from Boots and the Cheek Gel is £12.50. I'm actually looking to buy more shades in this, think I'll try Rosy next.

Have you tried the Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel? What are your favourite lip and cheek stains?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

January Favourites

Crap at getting these posts up at the beginning of the month. Ten days late, ten days!! Must do better next time.

*Steam Cream-I received a full size tin of this in my Latest in Beauty Advent calendar, thrilled! I know it's been discussed to death on various blogs so don't expect a full review but I do really like this. Not so much on my face but I carry it around with me to use on hands, elbows etc and it makes a huge difference to dry winter skin.
*Clinique Chubby Stick 06 Woppin' Watermelon is a nice bright pink shade. The sheerness of the product stops it being scary and makes it easily wearable for every day. Huge fan of Chubby Sticks but the £16 price tag makes me cringe.
*MAC Trax eyeshadow is probably my all time favourite shade from any brand. It's purple/gold colour is so complex and it can easily be incorporated into day or night make up. This tutorial from Pixiwoo is my favourite way to wear it. I love how much it brings the green out in my hazel eyes too.
*MAC Vanilla Pigment has become my every day go to highlighter for cheeks and brows etc. It is quite intense if not blended in but I love it. I've had this for a few years now and only broke it out for special occasions but now I'm getting my money's worth from it. I swear I've spilled more than I've actually used though ha!
*Essie Leading Lady from the new collection is my current favourite polish. See here for pics and review
*Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat has made enough of a difference in my home manicures for me to include it in my favourites. I've never stuck to using products like this before, I've never been impressed with them. But this is quality. It feels very thick and makes at least a one-two day difference to my nails before I get a catastrophic chip. It seals glitter top coats and stops them being uneven and scratchy. Love this, and for about a fiver you really can't go wrong.

What have you been loving this month?


Monday, 4 February 2013

Essie Leading Lady

I was perusing my local Boots the other day when this polish caught my eye spectacularly. My love for glitter nails has been documented extensively on my blog so I absolutely stood no chance against this beauty from the Winter Collection (especially when I knew I could pay with my Advantage card points!)

I would best describe this as a very dark red/black polish full of tiny red glitter particles. The pictures shown make it look brighter than it actually is and in artificial light it looks like black polish. I applied two coats with my Sally Hansen Double Duty as base and top coat. The application is a bit tricky- it can be difficult to get an even line because it's so full of glitter but a few coats will even things out. 

I am fully in love with this product and makes my nails weekday fabulous! Essie Leading Lady is available from Boots priced £7.99.

Have you tried any of the Essie Winter Collection?


Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation

So! It's been a while. I've missed blogging these past few weeks but have literally not had the time. Work, some  huge developments with friends and family and travelling have kept me busy. Things have settled down now and I'm back to writing which is something I find very enjoyable, almost therapeutic.
And I'm back with a rave product review!

I have 'suffered' with a rosy complexion for my whole life. I know I'm not alone with this and it's not something that causes me huge problems but my cheeks flush bright pink/red quite often throughout the day. And not in an intentional rosy glow way-oh no- both sides of my face from cheekbones to jaw line goes red. And not just when I'm warm or embarrassed. No, if I'm cold, happy, sad, worried, stressed, excited or experience any kind of weather it will happen. Now as I've mentioned it doesn't cause any real issues (I count myself lucky I know I could have far more debilitating problems with my skin) but when I spend literally seconds applying my blusher/bronzer/highlighter in the morning I am left thinking 'what's the bloody point?'
Enter my new skin saviour.

Available from Boots for £22

This a liquid foundation which camouflages redness  Clinique say 

"The soothing oil-free formula instantly colour-corrects flushing, blushing. Beneficial probiotic technology helps strengthen skin's barrier. Keeps environmental triggers at bay..." 

...which I honestly have no idea about but I do know it works wonderfully. I apply this in the morning with my fingers and I can be assured that my skin will remain neutral all day. I wear the palest shade but shade 02 will suit me when I'm a bit more tanned. Despite being oil free it works well on my dry skin and has a light dewy finish. I've not noticed my skin looking flat, but I wear at least blusher or bronzer and highlighter every day anyway. The coverage is medium and buildable.

The only real criticisms I have are it only comes in six shades and I really don't like this type of packaging for foundation, it feels quite wasteful. Other than that though I'm onto a winner here. The reviews on the Clinique website and excellent too and it obviously is a HG product for many others.

I would highly recommend and rosy cheek ladies pop to your local counter and ask for a sample. It's a small thing but has really made a big difference to my confidence :)

Have you tried any Redness Solutions products?