Monday, 4 February 2013

Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation

So! It's been a while. I've missed blogging these past few weeks but have literally not had the time. Work, some  huge developments with friends and family and travelling have kept me busy. Things have settled down now and I'm back to writing which is something I find very enjoyable, almost therapeutic.
And I'm back with a rave product review!

I have 'suffered' with a rosy complexion for my whole life. I know I'm not alone with this and it's not something that causes me huge problems but my cheeks flush bright pink/red quite often throughout the day. And not in an intentional rosy glow way-oh no- both sides of my face from cheekbones to jaw line goes red. And not just when I'm warm or embarrassed. No, if I'm cold, happy, sad, worried, stressed, excited or experience any kind of weather it will happen. Now as I've mentioned it doesn't cause any real issues (I count myself lucky I know I could have far more debilitating problems with my skin) but when I spend literally seconds applying my blusher/bronzer/highlighter in the morning I am left thinking 'what's the bloody point?'
Enter my new skin saviour.

Available from Boots for £22

This a liquid foundation which camouflages redness  Clinique say 

"The soothing oil-free formula instantly colour-corrects flushing, blushing. Beneficial probiotic technology helps strengthen skin's barrier. Keeps environmental triggers at bay..." 

...which I honestly have no idea about but I do know it works wonderfully. I apply this in the morning with my fingers and I can be assured that my skin will remain neutral all day. I wear the palest shade but shade 02 will suit me when I'm a bit more tanned. Despite being oil free it works well on my dry skin and has a light dewy finish. I've not noticed my skin looking flat, but I wear at least blusher or bronzer and highlighter every day anyway. The coverage is medium and buildable.

The only real criticisms I have are it only comes in six shades and I really don't like this type of packaging for foundation, it feels quite wasteful. Other than that though I'm onto a winner here. The reviews on the Clinique website and excellent too and it obviously is a HG product for many others.

I would highly recommend and rosy cheek ladies pop to your local counter and ask for a sample. It's a small thing but has really made a big difference to my confidence :)

Have you tried any Redness Solutions products?


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