Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed

My sweet lovely bloke thoughtfully bought me the Latest in Beauty Valentines box and, ignoring the 'Happy Valentines day here's some makeup because you're ugly' connotations, I've had a play with the different products over the last few days. Unfortunately a few of the products I already had from the Advent Calendar (not his fault he's only a man) but the Pixi Cheek Gel is totally new to me and I was thrilled to see it's a full size product too.

Looks quite scary in the tube but it is incredibly concentrated and only a tiny amount is needed for the desired flushed effect. I apply this with fingertips after foundation and quickly blend so there are no harsh edges. 

It's also very pretty on lips too and gives that effortless hint of colour. It doesn't last all day on the lips I've found it needs to be retouched in the middle of the day but so would any lipstick or lip gloss. I've used lip stains in the past-Benetint and the Bourjois one that comes in a little pot-and I find that this one applies more evenly and wears more comfortably than both of those. It doesn't go patchy or stick more in the middle of my lips like others have. I've worn this every day since I've had it and I'm still not over it!

All in all, a great product which I like to wear on my cheeks but love on my lips. Pixi products are available from Boots and the Cheek Gel is £12.50. I'm actually looking to buy more shades in this, think I'll try Rosy next.

Have you tried the Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel? What are your favourite lip and cheek stains?



  1. hhahaha yes it's pretty insulting to get a box of make-up hahaahahha. But I am sure you're pretty and what the heck free make-up :)
    I love this range and have found it in a Boots store up in town :)
    Your blog is super cute and if you feel it we can follow each other xx

    1. exactly haha I don't mind! I've just been to check out your blog very nice :) xx

  2. I've tried other Pixi products and thought they were great, this looks lovely, I get a bit bored of powder blushes!

    1. I do too I've got a billion cream ones but nothing like this formula so it's a nice change.
      Thanks for reading and the comment :)