Monday, 3 December 2012

L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume review

I really don't like these 'lasts three days' claims. Even if you're lucky enough to not have to wash your hair for three days, the moment I sleep on my hair it all goes to hell anyway so what's the point? Having said that I do quite like this product. I've used it a few times now and my impressions so far are good. It's volumising without being crispy or crunchy. It (with the help of my beloved Moroccan Oil) makes my hair very soft and smooth. The smell is a bit ick but thankfully doesn't last. And it doesn't cost a fortune.
I spray this into my hair from roots to ends, brush through and blow dry and style as normal.  I like the volume it gives but of course, it doesn't last. It might be that because my hair is very long and quite thick the weight of it kills any volume created over time. First world problems.
Another good benefit is that it contains heat protector which I more often than not neglect to use.
(No hair pics I'm afraid, I badly need my hair colouring and won't subject you the appalling state of my roots. I have an appointment on Wednesday so maybe I'll share a picture of my at home blow dry later in the week.If you're that lucky haha.)

Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume is available from Boots priced at £5.99. There are more available in the range, for straight and curly styles too. I am looking forward to using these and seeing if they're any better than the volume product.
Have you tried any of the new Elnett range?


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