Saturday, 1 December 2012

Glitter Top Coats

I've mentioned my total adoration for glitter top coats in the past so I thought I'd share my favourites with you today.

Left to right we have
*ELF Golden Goddess a sheer gold polish with large gold and small silver pieces of glitter.
*Technic Carnival clear polish with multicoloured glitter
*Models Own Boogie Nights clear polish with shades of purple and blue different shaped glitter
*Topshop Panther clear polish with black and silver glitter
*Models Own Snowflakes clear polish with torn iridescent glitter
*Models Own Ibiza Mix clear polish with multicoloured glitter
Pop Confetti Glitz clear polish with large purple and silver glitter.

To the swatches!

I have layered these polishes (one coat each)over Essie Sand Tropez. All of these polishes are very inexpensive too, the priciest being about £6. I love being able to change my manicure and get a bit more out of it than two days of a blah colour. Expect more of this on the run up to Christmas which I am super excited about by the way :)


Do you have any glitter recommendations for me? What's your favourite sparkly top coat?


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  1. The Models Own Ibiza mix looks amazing! =) xo