Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mini MAC haul

I splurged a little bit. I couldn't help it! And actually a little bit cross with myself for getting carried away and buying basically the same three shades in different products. But oh well, they are very pretty :)

So we have MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Thing, eye shadow in Star Violet and lipstick in Please Me.

Top left, Love Thing. Bottom left, Star Violet. Right, Please Me.
*Mineralize Blush in Love Thing: this is not the sort of shade I would usually go for. It is a very strongly pigmented red/pink shade with slight purpleish tone to it. You must apply this with a very light hand or you will end up resembling Great Aunt Sally. 
It does have some sparkle to it but thankfully it turns into a nice shimmer on the cheeks rather than glitter glitter. I'm really enjoying using this at the moment as I feel it brings a winter skin tone to life immediately.

*Star Violet eye shadow is one of the Veluxe Pearl range and is a really interesting colour. In some lights it looks definitely purple, and in some it's more of a bronze. When the light catches it though (see swatch picture above) it shows it's true spectrum. Absolute love this with black eye shadow liner.

*Matte lipstick in Please Me, to be honest I really don't like matte lipstick unless it's red. But I saw this on a blog I think and I couldn't stop thinking about it for a long time. So when I went for a little shop this weekend  I bought it without really testing it. Two things I noticed straight away: a) make sure your lips are freshly moisturised with your lip balm of choice or you will be heading to old lady territory and b) it smells of Milky Bar. This is something I've noticed with MAC lippies (Shy Girl I'm looking at you) and is not a bad thing.

As you can see it is a mid toned pink with a very subtle blue tinge and is very unforgiving in the lips. But I quite like it anyway because I don't own anything like it.

All in all, pretty pleased with my purchases but I need to start behaving myself! It's Christmas soon and I am gifting myself all of the things on my list. Other half is getting quite miffed ha.

Happy Sunday all!



  1. Great post. Looks like I'm going to have to make a trip to Mac. lol

    I would love for us to follow each other.

  2. Lucky girl! The lipstick looks great!

    Sandrine xo