Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Body Shop Christmas collection

It's CHRISTMAS! It is officially here. It's November, the festive adverts are on the tv, the mince pies are on the shelves (and in the cupboard/tummy) the red cups are out and the Body Shop Christmas collection is here!

I went to a special instore event today to have a look at what is on offer this year and it does not disappoint.
There are the two standard limited edition Cranberry and Vanilla and the special super LE flavour which this year is a Ginger Sparkle. The range of products in each scent is actually pretty impressive: shower gel, body polish, body butter, body lotion, bath salts, hand wash, hand cream, hand lotion, soap, lip balm, not to mention the home fragrance oils and reed diffusers. The range is brilliant and I'm confident you will be able to find a product in a flavour that you like. There are also copious gift sets ranging from £5-£30. In addition there are some brilliant gift sets and little Christmassey accessories. And I nearly forgot the makeup which is a bit hit and miss but worth checking out. 

So here is what I bought
*Cranberry hand cream-I had one of these last year and used it up quite quickly, Really thick good quality hand cream for the bargain price of £4
*Christmas print nail file-I really like these Body Shop ones as disposable nail files and with a novelty print? I'm sold
*Ginger Sparkle shower gel, Vanilla Bliss body polish and Cranberry Joy body butter-looking forward to festive bath time now!

*Ginger and Vanilla home fragrance oils-drip them into some water in a ceramic oil burner and they will your room with gorgeous fragrances. I love burning scented candles but these are a really cheap and quite pretty alternative £4 each

I'm especially thrilled with my shopping trip because I got 20% off with my Love Your Body loyalty card (sidebar: quite a decent loyalty card as it goes. Costs £5 to join but you receive 10% off all purchases plus £5 and £10 gifts throughout the year and they often do big discount days for card holders.) and because I spent over twenty quid, I got a free gift...

...worth they reckon about £15.

So all in all lots of lovely goodies which cost me £27. Absolute bargain. 
The entire Christmas collection in available online here, but I do absolutely recommend that you have a look in store for yourself too.

Have you checked out any of The Body Shop Christmas collection yet?


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  1. I love the Body Shop! It's like having a spa at home :)