Monday, 12 November 2012

OPI The Top Ten

Another impromptu BuyaPowa purchase from last week, the OPI Top Ten collection!

*Slightly more massive pictures than usual I grant you, but I want to show off these amazing colours!
Absolutely thrilled to own this. As you will see in the coming 'Nail of the Day' posts on here, basically the only colours I ever wear on my nails are reds, pinks, nudes and darks. And obviously copious amounts of infuriating glitter top coat. Very very rarely will you see me in anything other than this, I'm not much of a fan of bright colours on my nails and frankly I loathe pastels.

When I saw this I thought of it as an opportunity to expand my nail varnish collection (not that it needs it) but when it arrived a few days later I could not believe my luck with the colours. They are all completely gorgeous and so wearable. There is literally a shade to suit every mood/outfit/time of the year, ANYTHING!

Here are some swatches...

How pretty?! :) A full spectrum of beautiful colours from white and pale nudes, through vibrant pinks and reds to dark nudes and vampy autumnal tones.

And with a flash...

They are great quality polishes as you expect from OPI. These swatches are all two coats though I do think some would benefit from three. I aim to wear all of these over the next few weeks and will of course be taking lot of pictures.

Ten miniature bottles of perfection for £17. This set is available from John Lewis for £28.50 and I highly recommend it appears on some Christmas lists!

Hope your week is starting well :)


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  1. I love those colors. Very pretty!