Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekend ramble and Nails Inc freebies

Afternoon :)

Hope your weekend has been lovely and restful. I hate this time on a Sunday just a few hours left of my own time til the stupid working week begins again. After years of living the student life, this 9-5 working stiff malarkey is really a shock to the system.

Thought I'd do a little post sharing what I've been up to this weekend.
Firstly my nice midweek Topshop order (mostly done to keep me sane  during a very difficult week!) arrived on Saturday. I just got a few bits to cheer myself up so nothing groundbreaking here.

SO we have
1) That Geek t-shirt. Semi hate myself for buying it but it really is as good as the reviews say. The fabric is very thick and feels good quality unlike so much of Topshop's offerings lately. Don't like the neckline however, but the fit is great: baggy but still nips in at the waist somehow. I've enjoyed wearing this with today with leggings, grey cardi and standard old Converse.
2) Panther nail polish-black and silver glitter top coat. What's not to love?
3) ShelterBox charity bracelet. I saw this when I was about to checkout and though why not for £2. I read a bit more about the charity after that and have to say it's a great cause. They provide shelter and essentials including water, tools and cooking equipment, to people who have been hit by disaster around the world. Recently they have been deployed to North America to help out after Hurricane Sandy. You can find out more information on their website here.

I've also been reading the newest issue of Glamour magazine with the Nails Inc freebie.

I normally don't get on with Nails Inc polishes but this one seems to have a slightly different formula. It was very thick and opaque and only needed two coats. The longevity seems to be pretty good too, I'm about two days in and only have slight tip wear. Normally by now it would have chipped so badly I'd have removed it in a huff. I got St James and it's between red and pink with a very glossy finish. For free I would totally recommend this  :)

Have you picked up any of the Nails Inc freebies this month?

I'm off to watch Home Alone 2 in a bid to make myself feel more Christmassey and bin off those Sunday blues!


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